10 Things Women Can Be Grateful For This Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year, when we open ourselves up to the many things we have in our lives to be grateful for. Here are some unique gifts that any woman (or anyone who loves a woman) can be grateful for this Thanksgiving … and every other day of the year, too!

  1. Motherhood
    Imagine a world without moms… you can’t (for obvious reasons). Whether you choose to have children or not, the maternal power of women is one of the most amazing gifts in the world. As K. Jemisin once said on motherhood, “I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe.” And we couldn’t agree more!
  2. Gal Pals
    One of the greatest things about being a woman are your gal pals. We rely on them for support, humor, honest feedback with zero judgement and complete acceptance and understanding. From childhood to menopause your girlfriends will stand by you and listen to you gush and complain over every achievement and set back in your life. No. Matter. What.


  1. Awareness campaigns
    Not so long ago women’s health awareness was limited to understanding the function of the reproduction system. But we are so much more complex than our ability to birth, and important health awareness campaigns like Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Go Red for Women, Sexual Health Awareness, Prematurity Awareness Month and many more campaigns have opened the public’s and medical world’s eyes to the complexity of women’s health.These campaigns continue to have a huge impact on women’s health care and the policy changes needed to meet the unique makeup of the female body.
  2. Real campaigns
    The days of perfection are slowly fading into the background. Yes, we have a bit to go before the stigmas of what a perfect body, perfect wife, perfect mom, perfect job, perfect fill in the blank___ , is completely gone, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.Between the increase of plus-size and average-size women receiving positive recognition in the media to movies, blogs and vlogs praising the “good enough” mother as well as campaigns like AerieREAL, #NoMakeupSelfies ,and celebrities speaking out against Photoshop, we’re on our way to a better future for our girls!
  3. DIY anything
    From decorating cakes to making balloon animals, sprucing up your wardrobe, folding fitted sheets, makeup tutorials, recipes … you name it and YouTube, Instructables or wikiHow is sure to have the “how to” for you. Time to get out your superwoman cape, because these days you truly can learn to do just about anything!
  4. Those “extra” emotions
    All those “extra” hormones can sometimes feel like a bit too much for one body to hold, but they are also what make being a women so rockin’! Having a sensitive nature lends itself to some amazing qualities including compassion, patience and honesty. These are the things that help make you the lovable person you are, even with the “meltdowns” these same emotions trigger.
  5. Periods
    We know, they’re a pain… literally! But here’s why you should be thankful for them. Periods are a great way to understand your body and can be very helpful in clueing you in of potential health issues if they become irregular. They also expel iron which some people credit as a reason why women statistically outlive men. And lastly, they’re an automatic and cost effective pregnancy test. For women who were hoping to be period free for the next 9 months , don’t look at your period as a disappointing answer. It can help you figure out the next time you and your partner can try to get pregnant again. .
  6. Birth control options
    From the pill to barrier methods to intrauterine devices, there are numerous options available for women when it comes to preventing pregnancy and planning the right time to have a baby, if/when you choose to.Have trouble with hormonal birth control? You or your partner is allergic to spermicide? Remembering to take a pill every day isn’t currently in your mental bandwidth? No problem. Today women are able to make educated choices about which form of birth control works best for their body, lifestyle and budget.
  7. Fertility treatments
    The reason for why conceiving is a problem varies between cases. Some women have irregular periods, or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), low sperm count, even same sex couples that wish to be pregnant have many questions, and are not sure to whom they can turn for reliable answers. But no matter the reason the reality of it can feel  devastating! Thankfully there are many treatment options out there to make the dream of parenthood a reality.We work with the finest reproductive endocrinology/infertility specialists in Miami, and have been able to help many couples achieve a pregnancy without having to refer out; sometimes referral to the infertility doctor is necessary, and when it is, we will tell you right away. But we can help you with the evaluation you need, and most of the time have all or part of it covered by your insurance.
  8. Our rights
    Have you binge watched Good Girls Revolt yet? If not we recommend it… better yet, read the book. It’s crazy to think how only 30 something years ago women were still struggling for the right to write. Not to mention the long list of rights fought for before then, like voting or being allowed to have a career at all. While there is still a wage-gap that needs to be resolved, today, on Thanksgiving let’s take a moment to be grateful for the women before us and what they did to allow us the rights we have today.