6 Tips for Booking a Healthy Vacation While Pregnant

6 tips to booking a healthy vacation while pregnant

If you’re pregnant this summer, chances are you’re edging to take a vacation and get a change of scenery before your baby arrives. Getting away with your partner or friends is an excellent way to enjoy the warm weather, visit a new destination and spend quality time before your baby comes. Some call it a babymoon, but the important thing is to stay healthy while having a great time! 

We’ve prepared for you 6 critical points to consider when booking a healthy pre-baby adventure.

1. Consult with your doctor.

Before your trip, check with your doctor to see if you’re up-to-date with your scans and tests and that all your vitals have been cleared. Your doctor will want to make sure your baby is growing well, your blood pressure is within a normal range, and that you’re generally healthy. You’ll also want to check if you’re up to date on all your vaccines. Tell your doctor about your travel plans.

2. Pick a low-risk destination.

Unfortunately, doctors recommend opting out of visiting some exotic destinations while pregnant because they lack good quality drinking water and have a high likelihood of airborne diseases or contagious viruses, like the Zika virus. For example, Americans traveling to certain countries in Africa and Asia, require taking antimalarial pills or getting additional vaccines. Not recommended before or during pregnancy. You want to limit your exposure to diseases and viruses that may harm your health and that of your baby. There are plenty of places to travel to without issues, and you should always consult with your doctor and the CDC destinations guide for some good advice. Make sure to look up if there are any epidemics before you go!

3. Stock up on a travel medical kit.

Prepare a package of essentials — like bandages, medications, prenatal vitamins, sunscreen, bug spray, antibacterial soap and wipes, gauze, gloves, antibiotic ointment, hemorrhoid cream and more. Check with your doctor whether you can take any antigas or antacid medications, and pack it! You might need to swap out your normal medications during pregnancy.

4. Pack light and keep it comfortable!

The key is to be comfortable. First of all, you’ll want a good pair of supportive shoes. Second, pack light-fitting, breathable clothing, and gear to protect you from the sun. Consider packing your favorite pillow for better rest. Check the weather for where you’ll be vacationing because you might need rain gear or other seasonal items. Don’t forget to book travel insurance just in case medical emergencies come up. Many policies include a rider for luggage and delays. Insurance could also refund your plans in case you need to cancel.

5. Drink lots of water and stock up on healthy snacks

It’s very important to stay hydrated even when not traveling, especially in the summer. Prevent dehydration and keep to a normal eating schedule.  Carry a water bottle and drink frequently. Aim for at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. You’ll want to have food available in case hunger strikes, which can happen while pregnant. Remember also that it’s important to eat small meals even if you’re feeling nauseous. Protein, crackers, nuts, and fruit are some of the essentials. Skip raw or undercooked foods. 

6. Stay active but cautious.

If you’re flying, make sure to do light stretches and get up to walk frequently (and of course, that your doctor has cleared you for the airplane). While on vacation, take walks and stay active, but avoid huge treks. That means no extreme sports; regardless, you can still get out and enjoy the new sites! 

No need to fret — you can still go out and have a blast even while expecting! Happy traveling!

For specific questions about traveling during pregnancy, please contact us.