Back-to-School For Expecting Parents: The Benefits of Prenatal Classes

Otherwise known as childbirth education, prenatal classes offer expecting parents a course of sessions to prepare them for what to expect in the final weeks of pregnancy, labor, delivery and bringing their baby home.

While you could read books and/or watch videos online for general information on what to expect, prenatal classes are highly beneficial to soon-to-be parents, especially for first timers.

Benefits include:

In depth information, tips and tricks of the trade.  

Fear is the unknown, so the more you can educate yourself about the birth process before you enter the delivery room, the more at ease you’ll be during the process. Additionally there are helpful tips and tricks that you can do at the beginning stages of labor when you’re at home.

Preparation with your support person.

Laboring women are usually accompanied by at least one other support person at the birth. Either their partner wants to witness and support the birthing woman, and/or the couple often hires a doula (birth coach). On some occasions a mother, grandmother or a good friend accompanies her. Once you have the prenatal class information under your belt, you are better equipped to plan, and practice for, your birth together with your partner or other support people.


Prenatal classes are usually in groups. At our practice, up to several couples join in together for a four-hour lesson. By learning together in a group setting, you get to feel like you’re not alone, and you can learn from others’ questions as well. In fact it’s not uncommon that long lasting friendships between parents and their children start in classes like this.

We wish you a healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. To schedule a prenatal class, check out our upcoming dates here.