Best Decisions to Make for Good Vaginal Health

With time, we grow to become not only more comfortable with our bodies, but we also start to understand them better. However, even today there are still many misconceptions about how to take care of our bodies, including keeping proper vaginal health. Because of this, it’s important to be informed to make the best choices for your personal health. Here are some daily decisions that you can put into practice to form habits that prioritize your body and wellbeing, starting with good vaginal health. 

Avoid Douching

Despite what you may have heard, you actually don’t need to douche or clean yourself with any fancy, overpriced women’s products. Cleaning the inside of the vagina can throw off your body’s pH balance which disrupts the environment for good bacteria that live there. These effects of douching can cause unwanted symptoms such as dryness and even infection. For the outer vulva area, Using water is enough to keep the area clean and take away any undesirable smells. If you happen to use any kind of soap around this area, make sure to use plain and unscented products that will not affect your pH levels.  

Keep Good Hygiene, but not Obsessively

Aside from douching, there is a balance to strike when it comes to practicing good hygiene. Typically, you will notice a vaginal discharge or even a noticeable smell; both of which are completely normal for a healthy vagina. While it is not advised to clean with soap or use products that might dry out the area, a simple daily cleaning with water can help take away lingering smells and excess discharge while keeping you feeling refreshed. Additionally, make sure to change pads and pantiliners frequently during your period to avoid prolonged contact with the vaginal area. This advice is also applicable for tampon users as wearing tampons for much longer than necessary can also contribute to infection is even toxic shock syndrome (TSS) in rare cases. 

Wear Breathable Fabrics

The moist nature of the vaginal region makes it difficult to keep clean throughout the day. If you are prone to yeast infections or or a larger discharge flow, consider opting for less tight or cotton based undergarments that allow for more airflow. Additionally, always change your underwear whenever necessary, especially if you have been working out or sweating from other activities. 

Practice Safe Sex

If you are sexually active, it’s crucial to protect yourself from the many types of STIs. Using male or female condoms can provide protection that can save you from lasting pain and infection. Additionally, make sure to use water-based lubrication products when necessary. Vaginal dryness is common and this sensitive area can easily become damaged if it’s not well lubricated. 

Eat Well

A healthy diet will only bring benefits to your body, and that includes your vaginal region! Remembering to stay hydrated and eat balanced meals can provide vital nutrients and help your body feel healthier and stronger. Eating foods like avocado, green vegetables, and soy can all have positive effects on your vaginal health. Additionally, consider introducing probiotics into your diet which can promote good bacteria growth. how probiotics can help introduce good bacteria into your body. 

Be Open with Your Doctor

Understand your body and notice when something is not normal. Knowing the usual color and smell of discharge can easily alert you to a yeast infection or something that requires further treatment. Don’t hesitate to go to your gynecologist if something seems wrong. Taking early action against problems can help prevent long-term destructive conditions such as cancer. From cleaning to changing your diet, incorporating these habits into your daily life can benefit your overall wellbeing as you take care of the most sensitive area of your body.