Embracing Life’s Joys Through Menopause & Aging

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Miami Center of Excellence

In many societies, aging is treated as a taboo and women over the age of 50 are often viewed as being past their prime, passed over by society in favor of younger women. But why have we let aging become a bad thing? Many women might bring up the dreaded process of menopause in response to this question. While this often invokes images of hot flashes, discomfort, and accelerated aging, there are also some unexpected and overlooked benefits to reaching this stage of life. Here are some things to enjoy and welcome as you embrace menopause and take time to revel in the maturity that this next stage of life brings you. 

No More Periods & Pregnancy Risks

While it’s common knowledge that you will stop having periods and producing eggs to be fertilized, not having to deal with the monthly pain and inconvenience can be incredibly freeing, especially for women that experience more severe symptoms during their cycle. Additionally, with no risk or chance of becoming pregnant, you can enjoy sex in a new way without concern about an unexpected surprise or worrying about birth control. 

The End of Hormonal Headaches & PMS  

Before menopause, your body produces varying levels of estrogen and other hormones that can greatly impact your mood as well as give you headaches. Once you reach menopause, these hormones behave differently and the chance of having those hormone-induced headaches will be greatly reduced. Similarly, PMS will no longer be an issue for those who struggled with it in the past, bringing a sense of relief and emotional stability.

Looking Back on Life Experiences

Disclosing their age might not be easy for some women, but getting older comes with a new perspective on life, shaped by all the experiences you have had over time. Reflecting on events and times in your life that were crucial to your development as a person will allow you to see just how much you have changed and learned from the many meaningful moments in your life. The way you have been impacted is also revealed in maturity by your actions and the way you think today. It is this maturity that many people admire in older women who age well. 

Greater Self-Confidence

Though many women are apprehensive about getting older and watching their face and skin become transformed by age, various studies have shown that women around the 50-60 age range feel the most attractive in their own skin. Physical beauty aside, this most likely stems from an increase in self confidence and self worth that many women achieve over time. As you go through life, you are continually learning and discovering new things about yourself and getting comfortable with the person you know yourself to be. This self confidence not only boosts our perceived attractiveness, but can also help us to know our own value and worth and become more comfortable in how we go through life and interact with others. 

Trying New Things & Caring For Yourself

As your body changes, so does your mind and personality. While it is often called a mid-life crisis, some women take the years of menopause as a way to reinvent themselves or try something they have never done before. Considering the physical aspects of your body that you no longer need to worry about, you can focus on other things that are more important. It’s never too late to implement healthier eating habits or starting a new activity. Having fun is not a banned activity by the time you turn 50. Take this valuable time in your life to challenge yourself and do things that matter to you, all while accepting yourself and embracing the changes of your body as they contribute to the person you will continue to become.