First-time Pregnancy: Your Guide through the Three Trimesters

You missed your monthly period for 2 weeks now; you went to see an OB-Gyn and you heard the sweetest news ever — you’re pregnant! For the first time moms, it’s going to be an unforgettable experience, knowing that a life is growing inside you. Feeling excited and nervous at the same time is just normal. Some first time mothers-to-be panic because they have little idea of what happens during pregnancy. Prepare yourself for the changes and learn what to expect during the three trimesters:

First trimester

Food cravings come early in the pregnancy. You may also experience morning sickness, mood swings, and breast enlargement. You may note weight gain and fatigue now that you are nursing a fetus. It’s important to take naps throughout the day and eat healthy food. It’s normal to observe slight bleeding and white discharge in your first trimester. Call your doctor immediately if there’s something unusual with the color, smell, and amount of your discharge.

Second trimester

Second trimester usually means less pain. At this point, your body have adapted to the changes brought about by that growing child inside you. Your mood swings should have settled by now, too. Your baby continues to grow, so expect obvious changes in your waistline. This is also the stage where you get past the dangers of miscarriage. Increased appetite and some discomfort like constipation are normal at this stage.

Third trimester

Your baby’s on its way to delivery, which means your body is gearing up as well. You may experience contractions and discomfort during this stage. Feeling heavy is also a sign that your baby is ready to see the world. Expect some movements in your belly because your child is finding the right position for birth. Be more careful and alert if your due date is near. Call your doctor once you feel extreme pain in your stomach and you start discharging water.

It’s very important that you see an ob-gyn during your pregnancy. Regular check-ups will help ensure that you and your baby are healthy. The discomfort will be worth it once you cradle your baby in your arms. Let us help you get ready for the big day with our pre-natal services. Contact us today to find out how we can make your pregnancy more fun and rewarding.