Can Her Option® be Your Ideal Long Term Solution for Heavy Periods?

It’s not uncommon for women to have days of their period that are “heavy”,paired with cramping, migraines and mood swings. But, for some women the severity is so devastating it can limit their lifestyle for a full day each month, or more.

If you’re curious how heavy “heavy” is, here’s an idea of the symptoms associated with abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB). Women who suffer from this condition will need to change their tampon or pad every hour for at least one day of their period and often have cramps that are so painful they’ll be limited in what they can physically do.

If this describes what you go through each month, know two things. Firstly, you’re not alone. One in every four women suffers from AUB. Second, there are solutions for you to discuss with your doctor.

There are several treatment options your doctor may recommend, and like most things, there are pros and cons to each of them. One option that can help you take control of heavy periods is called Her Option.

Her Option® was specifically developed and approved for office use, with the comfort of the patient in mind. Performed in the familiar setting of your OB GYN’s office, the treatment requires minimal anesthesia—no IV or surgery. Many women easily return to their normal activity level the following day.

Here are the benefits to consider when weighing if Her Option is the ideal long term solution for you:

  • High success and patient satisfaction rate
  • Patient comfort
  • Strong safety profile
  • A procedure, not a surgery
  • No hormones
  • May require only a minimal office co-pay

Though this option has many advantages, every medical treatment has risks and complications. If you suffer from certain types of uterine abnormalities, have an active urinary tract infection or pelvic inflammatory disease, suffer from uterine cancer, use an IUD or intend to become pregnant soon, you are likely not a candidate for this treatment.

Talk to your doctor or contact us to find out more about Her Option®, as well as alternative treatment options.