How Spring Cleaning Benefits Your Health

Spring is known as the time for new growth and new beginning, and often accompanied by some much needed cleaning. Though generally deemed nothing more than a yearly ritual or chore, this act of deep cleaning and getting rid of items can have a noticeable impact on your health. Here are some physical and mental benefits you can experience from doing your own spring cleaning. 

1. Improving Your Sleep

For those of us who couldn’t care less about a perfectly made bed, but there are advantages to taking the time to make everything clean and neat, especially if you have not done so for a while. Cleaning up the clutter both on your bed and in the bedroom itself can help create a more relaxing space to fall asleep in. In addition, Regularly changing the sheets provides a clean smell when you lay down for the night and reduces the amount of dead skin and dust mites resting in the blankets that can irritate skin. Though you might do some deep cleaning once a year, these practices are worth doing weekly. Finally, as you throw out old and used items, consider replacing your mattress, as it might be past its prime and contributing to a poor night’s sleep due to lack of support. 

2. Reducing Dust and Allergens

Deep cleaning can not only be therapeutic, but also make you healthier as you remove buildup of allergens such as animal hair and dust. Eliminating these respiratory triggers can actually help improve your immune system. While you might have your normal dusting routine, during your spring cleaning, take time to thoroughly clean the more unusual places that accumulate dust such as fans, vents, baseboards, and the tops of frames and doorways. Keep this in mind as you throw out old items that can also hold onto those allergens Some things need to be replaced more often than others, such as tennis shoes

3. Boosting Your Mood and Productivity

The act of cleaning can easily give your mood a lift, and seeing things become clean and getting rid of junk can help people feel accomplished and sometimes like a weight had been lifted from their shoulders. Additionally, many feel that they are more productive and can think more clearly when a space is clean and free of clutter. This is especially crucial today, when many of us work from home and are constantly living in the designated workspace. Furthermore, cleaning can also be a stress reliever as you get rid of the things you no longer need and clear up the spaces that are usually covered in clutter. When you are not distracted by a messy space, you can focus your thoughts and energy on the things that are more important to you instead of feeling overwhelmed by clutter. 

4. Encouraging Healthier Habits

The act of cleaning often inspires people to make positive changes in other aspects of their life. As you go through your belongings and living spaces, consider also tossing out some old habits and replacing them with more productive and beneficial actions. This could be, for example, unplugging from technology for longer periods of time, making healthier snack choices, or even getting more movement and activity through daily yoga. Evaluating the behaviors that you want to change or implement can motivate you to put them into practice in your daily life.