How to Combat Vaginal Dryness

For many women, vaginal dryness is an occasional and temporary discomfort. This condition is most often caused by hormonal imbalances, such as those that occur during menopause, but can also arise from chemotherapy and other intense treatments, medications, anxiety, and childbirth. Whatever the cause, dryness can be irritating, uncomfortable, cause itchiness or burning sensations, and even make sex painful. To combat this in your daily life, here are some ways you can try to prevent this condition and treat the pain when you do experience dryness. 

Avoid Using Overly Drying Products

Because your vagina is self-cleaning, it doesn’t need a lot of extra help down there. Skip the douching and keep it simple; a little bit of water or some mild unscented soap will get the job done. For some women, using products such as heavily scented soaps, lotions, and other products containing harsh chemicals can dry out the vaginal area and make it prone to irritation. Additionally, you might want to consider forgoing waxing hair removal, which can be 

Use Lubricants

One of the worst effects of vaginal dryness is pain during sex. For some women, this is a recurring problem, even with someone they love. Taking time to have sufficient foreplay can help tremendously with this issue, but some women still may need a little extra help. The best solution is to use lubricants liberally. Be careful with the products that you do end up choosing, as those with fragrances or ingredients such as petroleum jelly will do more harm than good, Instead, opt for water or silicone-based products that will help provide sufficient moisture when you are lacking. These will also make the experience much more pleasurable for you and your partner.

Try Vaginal Moisturizers

If the pain and discomfort have not eased, consider using some vaginal moisturizers. These are over the counter, easy to find, and specially formulated to be gentle around this area and provide relief when you need it. 

Medical Treatments

If all else fails and painful symptoms persist, there are a few available options for medical treatment prescribed by a doctor that can help properly and efficiently treat this condition. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy utilized different methods to introduce estrogen back into your body to help stabilize your hormones and alleviate symptoms such as vaginal dryness. This treatment can come in the form of pills, patches, creams, or even rings. In addition, the dosage of estrogen can vary to suit the needs of the woman. This treatment is especially beneficial for women who are going through menopause as estrogen levels begin to drop during this time. However, for those who have not undergone a procedure to remove their uterus, the doctor may typically prescribe these treatments in combination with additional hormones of progesterone or progestin, which will not be too strong for the uterus while still keeping it healthy. 

MonaLisa Touch

Finally, there is another alternative treatment to vaginal dryness called the MonaLisa Touch, in which a vagina probe uses laser energy to repair the vaginal walls by encouraging the production of collagen and moisture deep within the tissue. It is fast, relatively painless, and with a few rounds of treatment, does not yield any dangerous side effects. For women who need a better option than hormone replacement therapy, the MonaLisa Touch can easily provide the results they are seeking. Suitable for most women who are seeking estrogen replacement therapy, this procedure can help them become pain-free and get back to normal vaginal health.