The Lipo Alternative: What’s This New 25-Minute Fat Removal Method?

Move over liposuction, we’ve got an easier way to get rid of stubborn fat cells now. No surgery, no hospital stay, and no recovery time, either.  And because it’s not surgery, it’s much more affordable.

Is that not enough of a dream? Well, here’s the real clincher: The procedure takes (drum roll, please)  a whopping twenty-five minutes. Yes, that’s lunch-break fat removal. While lying down. That is to say, you can calmly read a magazine while your fat disappears.

What? Pinch my love handles now. Can’t be true. Really? Yes, really.

This new, innovative, clinically-tested, FDA-cleared, energy-based technology is called SculpSure, and simply put, it destroys targeted fat cells. SculpSure works by placing probes onto the specified area, and then, well, waiting out the 25 minutes. Within six weeks you start to see results, with optimal results visible after another six weeks. In other words,  you can have a new you within three months. And again, just to be clear, we reiterate – it all happens while you lie down.

Chances are, no exercise nor diet regimen will give such permanent results so quickly. Most people who lose weight fast gain it back, and then some. This is because dieting to lose weight quickly involves restricting caloric intake to such a degree that the body feels like it’s starving, even if you don’t feel that hungry. Once the body goes into starvation mode, the metabolism is askew because after you do start eating normally again, you’ll gain weight faster because you’re body’s now in a state of “store whatever she gives me,” and the fat cells multiply accordingly.

With SculpSure, you have none of those mess-with-your-metabolism diets/crazed exercise regimens. The SculpSure technology simply erases them from certain areas of your body. Pretty astounding.

Sound too good to be true? Here are few explanatory and testimonial videos. Check them out, and let us know if you have any questions.

Healthy eating, in combination with regular exercise, can keep you in shape and lose weight. However, there’s always that bit of extra that somehow stays around, like an uninvited guest who overstays his (non)welcome. SculpSure comes in to rid you of those remaining fat cell nuisances.

If you are ready to discuss melting away unwanted, relentless fat, contact us to schedule a free consultation about SculpSure.