Making The Most Of The COVID-19 Holiday Season

Miami Center of Excellence

The holidays this year might look different than most with masks, plastic shields, and a lack of Christmas parties and gatherings. But even though COVID-19 has dramatically changed society and the way we go about our lives, it has not yet dampened everyone’s cheer. As you consider how to celebrate and carry out traditions, hare some ways to keep your spirits up and focus on the joy of this season.

Spread The Cheer At A Distance

Though you may be far away from or unable to gather with others, you can still easily share your love through other ways of reaching out to those you care about. Instead of exchanging gifts, many will choose to mail them this year to those they will not be able to see in person. Sending warm wishes through personal notes and Christmas cards, either by mail or digitally, can be a great way to stay connected with those around you and share the joy and thankfulness of the season. To make your loved ones across the country feel a little bit closer, try participating in a mailing gift exchange, which can keep up the excitement and fun regardless of the miles between. For the friends and neighbors that are not so far away, consider dropping off some baked goods at their house or leaving a sweet surprise in their mailbox. 

Get Festive

For many, making things feel like Christmas is essential for enjoying the holidays. Putting up your favorite decorations, such as lights and Christmas trees, can make this season feel a bit more “normal” while mask wearing and restrictions continue. Continue this feeling by participating in socially distanced holiday traditions such as driving around to look at Christmas lights, baking classic Christmas desserts, or watching your favorite Christmas movies at home or using a projector and inviting others to a drive-in movie night. 

Make New Virtual Traditions

This year has been one filled with virtual interactions, which will continue into and beyond the holiday season for many who will have to forgo events and social activities. Instead of yearning for the traditions you will not be able to take part in this year, take this opportunity to create new ones, or even celebrate old ones with a virtual twist. Make it a time to get together with friends and family by having a Christmas movie watching party, putting on a gingerbread house building contest, or even hosting a craft making or cookie baking day. The possibilities are as endless as before. 

Don’t Neglect COVID Guidelines

During this time, it will still be crucial to stay informed about and adhere to the current COVID-19 protocols for gathering and staying safe. Though the safest way to spend the holidays is within your own household, if coming into contact with relatives is unavoidable, make sure to practice proper social distancing, mask wearing, and cleaning of surfaces. It is also important to read up on current reports and state and local guidelines if you plan on traveling outside of your home. Using these precautions will minimize any potential spreading while you enjoy others’ company. 

Practice Giving

As Christmas is the season of giving, take time to focus on the important things and the blessings you are most thankful for by giving to those in need if you are physically or financially able. This can be in the form of donating to charitable organizations, volunteering, or even taking part in a gift program for local kids in need. In our current times, we could all do with a little more joy in our lives, especially the less fortunate. 

No matter how you send it, having a different holiday season might make it that much more memorable to you as the world learns how to celebrate in a new reality.