MCOE Service Spotlight: Your Midwife

When you are expecting a baby, your care team is a vital component of a healthy pregnancy.  You might choose to work with a midwife – a skilled nurse or practitioner who serves as your personal coach.  Each midwife offers a range of services based on their expertise. Whether you’re looking for someone to walk you through pregnancy or you’re looking for an additional member for your birthing team, midwives offer unparalleled support and a wealth of knowledge for moms-to-be. 

At Home or at the Hospital?

The decision to labor at home or in the hospital has been hotly debated, but it’s important to remember that your wishes and your body’s needs might not agree. In some cases, a home birth isn’t a safe option. Midwives are trained to assess when more sophisticated medical intervention is needed.  Your midwife might even be able to help you select a facility, by reviewing the options and features that each facility provides. They may help you navigate whether your insurance will cover a particular facility, or if your doctor will be able to deliver there in-network. 

Guidance on Care and Services

Your midwife can guide you to care that helps make your pregnancy more comfortable.  He or she can help you identify good exercise programs, massage techniques, water therapies, and more.  Worried about stretch marks? Your midwife probably has a product to recommend for that! Worried about a new sensation in your body? Your midwife can help ease your worry.  Wondering if an activity is safe for you? Your midwife can be your first line for questions. 

Your Midwife Does Not Replace Your Doctor

It’s important to remember that your midwife is here to help you navigate your pregnancy. However, they still work in partnership with your medical team. It’s still important to work with an obstetrician who can oversee your overall health.  While your midwife can keep track of your vitals, your blood pressure, and your blood levels, your doctor is there to interpret those results.  Your doctor can advise you about your specific medical needs based on a comprehensive history.

You Decide

Remember, you have choices for your pregnancy care.  You decide who you want on your care team. Whether you choose to meet with a midwife only a few times, or keep them on your team through to delivery, it’s up to you. 

MCOE has an in-house midwife, Stephanie Fink, and she works closely with the rest of our team to ensure your pregnancy is healthy and happy! You can learn more about In-Touch Midwifery and Stephanie on our website.