Seven from Seventeen: Our Top 7 Blog Posts From 2017

With New Year’s a week away we’re taking a look back at blog posts that our readers found to be most helpful and interesting over the past year. Here are our top 7 blog posts from 2017:

1. Welcome to Womanhood: Helping Your Teen Cope with Common Menstrual Complaints

While menstrual complaints vary from woman to woman, for a teenage girl the onset of menstruation may be the first time she’s dealing with the cramping, backaches, headaches, tenderness in her breasts and more that is commonly associated period pains.

On top of that, she’s adjusting to hormone fluctuation – making this time in her life literally a rough period. Here are some common period pains that you may hear your daughter complain about and how you can help her cope…

2. How to Include a 10 Minute Workout Into Your Daily Routine

With weight loss and fitness on the top of most people’s New Year’s resolution, this tip is key for being in the ten percent of those who stay resolute.

One of the reasons we so often lose focus is because we feel like we have to clear a big chunk of time out of our schedules in order to get in a good, sweat-inducing workout. But this is not necessarily the case – while 30-60 minute workouts are beneficial, even 10 minute workouts can help you stay fit. Here are ideas of how to include them in your daily routine… 

3. A Freshman Girl’s Guide to Acing College Health and Wellness

Self-care is essential for achieving your goals, and the sooner you learn them the better. Between scoring well in class and on tests, getting involved in campus activities and socializing, college students are a busy bunch.

No matter what your course load and social life is, college years are an important time to learn to look after your health – physically and emotionally. Here’s how you can ace overall health and wellness from the beginning of your independent years…

4. How Men and Women Can Benefit from Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

Hormones play an integral part in health for both men and women. From keeping joints limber to helping process thoughts clearly. They help us recover quickly from colds and flu, keep our sex drive in gear, our skin wrinkle-free and our memory in check. Part of the aging process is that hormone levels can decline, causing an imbalance that affects everything from sleep patterns to moods, energy levels, weight, memory and more.

Whether it be due to menopause, perimenopause or andropause (the male menopause). There is an effective solution, bio-identical hormone therapy. Here’s how it can benefit both men and women…

5. The Epidural Debate: Here’s What You Need To Know

Many soon-to-be parents go into the delivery room with their minds set about the big E. But things happen… parents who had planned on a “drug-free” delivery find themselves in a situation where getting one is a medical necessity. Or a woman who had planned on getting one can show up to delivery already too far along to receive it.

While educating yourself and creating a birth plan is important, the safety of both mother and baby trumps all. Like many parts of life, it’s best to make a plan and then adjust accordingly. Here’s a run-down of what you need to know about the epidural debate...

6. The Burnout Effect, and Why You Seriously Need to Avoid It!

Burnout happens when someone gets out of balance, and stays out of balance for too long. So check in with your body to find out if it’s in balance. In fact, recent studies found that burnout (also known as “vital exhaustion”) increases the risk for heart disease as much as risk factors like high cholesterol, BMI and smoking! If you think you may be at risk for burnout and its effects, take a look at these suggestions to rebalance your body and mind, and beat burnout!

7. Can Adding This To Your To-do list Help Reduce Holiday Stress?

With number six in mind, there is one surprising thing that has been proven to help beat stress and potentially burnout when ADDED to your to-do list – charitable actions. According to a study from the University of California, acts of kindness proved to significantly decrease the negative effects of stress.

Whether via altruistic actions or transactions, here are some ideas for acts of kindness that can help reduce holiday stress.

From all of us at Miami Center of Excellence for Obstetrics & Gynecology, we wish you a happy and healthy year ahead!