Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

It seems like summers are getting hotter every year. Though many have been looking forward to the freedom of summer, for others, the heat that the season brings is sometimes unbearable. You have probably heard all the advice to stay hydrated if you are feeling hot, but there are many more things you can do to help keep the heat away and prevent more serious heat-related conditions such as heatstroke and sunburns. If you are more sensitive to heat or are even experiencing hot flashes due to menopause or other hormonal changes, here are some things you can easily do to help regulate your body temperature and make this summer a more comfortable one. 

Avoid Salty Foods

Of course, everyone knows that you should be drinking water, Gatorade, or some other beverage to get your energy and stay healthy, but there is more to what you should be eating and drinking. Though they are tasty, consuming too many salty foods regularly can cause dehydration and water loss. Instead of reaching for the chips, stick to fruits and vegetables, especially those with high water content and protein, which can help you stay hydrated and refreshed in the summer heat. 

Wear Light Clothes

Summer staples usually consist of shorts, tank tops, and bikinis. However, if you really want to keep the sun and its heat off of you, wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothes made of linen or other natural fibers. This will help keep you cooler by allowing air to flow through the clothes and provide a shield from UV rays. With this, you may also want to opt for a good, wide hat that provides shade to your head and does not allow UV rays to pass through. 

Stay out of the Sun During the Hottest Times of the Day

While many women want to work on their tan and get as much sun as possible in the summer months, this can be uncomfortable and also dangerous to your health in many different ways if you are not careful. The middle of the day, typically between the hours of 11 am and 5 pm in the summer is when the sun’s rays are the most intense. If you are concerned about the heat, try not to schedule any outdoor activities during this time, because it can be much better and more comfortable to exercise during the early morning or evening hours. During this time, staying inside an air-conditioned space, or staying under the shade, will make a huge difference and provide the relief you may be craving. 

Additionally, make sure to wear sunscreen and protect yourself if you do end up being outside this summer. Whether you feel hot or not, your body will need protection as you keep your skin happy, healthy, and hydrated. 

Keep Your Skin Products in the Fridge

A more recent trend these days shows people putting their moisturizers, face masks, and other products in the fridge. This way, when you take them out to use, they are cold to the touch and have a pleasant feeling as you go throughout the day and need more moisturizer, or simply something to cool down your skin. This can also apply to sunburns. Putting some cold aloe on a sunburn can provide an extra level of relief as you recover. 

However, you spend your summer, taking the steps to control your heat level can help you enjoy it that much more!