Save Me! What To Do About Hemorrhoids

Ouch. It’s tough to sit down, to lie down in some positions, and sometimes even to walk. And then there’s the crux of the problem: That dreaded trip to the toilet. As if it’s a necessary evil, when it’s not evil at all. The culprit? Hemorrhoids. 

Hemorrhoids are varicose veins in the anal area. They are associated with constipation, chronic diarrhea, a highly sedentary lifestyle, or anal intercourse. The rear end just can’t take all that pressure, and the blood pools as a result. Likewise, hemorrhoids are very much associated with women during pregnancy because of the additional blood flow (i.e. more to pool) and pressure downward. It all converges where you need it least.

How Do I Know It’s Hemorrhoids?

Your physician will best determine if you have hemorrhoids by utilizing tools to determine if the cause of your discomfort, if not outright pain, is hemorrhoids or something else. Sometimes they dangle outside the anus and you can see them with a mirror, but even if you are certain it’s hemorrhoids, it is recommended to get confirmation from a physician in order to rule out other possible causes for the symptoms.    

Hemorrhoid Symptoms    
If you experience any of the below symptoms, you might have hemorrhoids:

  • It’s painful to make #2.
  • Your anus is extremely itchy, with or without an itchy “lump.”
  • You have anal pain, discomfort, or irritation.
  • Anal bleeding: You notice blood when you wipe #2, or on the back side of underwear.
  • Worst of all: Leaking feces.

Day-to-Day Hemorrhoid Relief
There are two ways to relieve the feeling of hemorrhoids, although the hemorrhoids will still be there.   

  • Sitz Baths. These warm baths relax the veins, relieving hemorrhoidal discomfort. Be sure the temperature is not too hot though, as this could aggravate the area instead of making it feel better. 
  • Witch Hazel. Known in Latin as hemamelis, witch hazel is an astringent, meaning it reduces swelling. Witch hazel is commonly found in hemorrhoid creams or pads, purchasable at any drug store. 

What About Permanent Solutions?

Hemorrhoids can be removed through medical procedures. These include: injecting a solution to close off the hemorrhoid; rubber band constriction; electric or laser coagulation; or hemorrhoidectomy surgery.  At the Miami Center for Excellence, we use a low, direct current, called Ultroid, which causes hemorrhoids to dissipate within a week and a half. Contact us for more info.


The main way to prevent hemorrhoids is to increase blood flow so that it doesn’t pool.  Secondly, you want to keep things moving in your intestines so as to prevent constipation. Thirdly, limit other pressure on the area as much as possible.

Here are the main suggestions for preventing hemorrhoids:

  1. Drink, drink, drink. What else do you think makes for better blood flow? Fluids, of course! You’ve heard it all before – 6-8 glasses of water, healthy juices, or healthy hot drinks. Cheers!
  1. Exercise. Get off the very part of your body that ails you! Exercise increases blood circulation, preventing blood pooling.
  1. Eat a diet rich in high-fiber foods (and low in processed foods). Ingesting these foods is the backbone of robust digestion.
  1. Reduce the pressure. Avoid anal intercourse, and if you are pregnant, try sitting and standing in positions which relieve that area.

Many people experience hemorrhoids at some time throughout their lives. So, if you suffer from this somewhat embarrassing ailment, you’re not alone. We hope that the above suggestions for relief, prevention, and medical remedies help alleviate your suffering. For more information and treatment options, contact us.