What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

The first time a parent says their child’s name is a magical and intimate moment. We’ve had the honor of being included in the inner circle of that precious moment on numerous occasions and it somehow never loses itsenchantment. Whether it’s a name we’ve heard a thousand times or a name we’ve never heard before, the naming process is always brings a sense of newness into the air.

With that being said here is The Baby Center’s list of top 10 names for boys and girls in 2013 along with their origin and meaning.


1. Sophia Greek Wisdom
2. Emma English Whole, Complete
3. Olivia Latin Peace – of the olive tree
4. Isabella Italian Devoted to God
5. Mia Latin Mine
6. Ava Greek Birdlike
7. Lily Latin Blossoming Flower
8. Zoe Greek Life
9. Emily Latin Admiring
10. Chloe Greek Verdant, Blooming


1. Jackson Scottish God has shown favor
2. Aiden Irish Fiery
3. Liam Irish Determined guardian
4. Lucas Latin Light
5. Noah Hebrew Restful
6. Mason French Stone worker
7. Jayden English God has heard
8. Ethan Hebrew Strong, Firm
9. Jacob Hebrew Heel
10. Jack Hebrew Heel (shortened version of Jacob)

A huge note of thanks to all our patients that allowed us to be a part of their precious moments in 2013. Looking forward to all the 2014 brings!