3 Tips to Beat Burnout

Remember the days when a full work day was 9-5? When you came home from the office and left your work there? After all carrying the file cabinet home each day would have been a logistical nightmare! These days you can access all your files, notes and research on a device small enough to carry in your pocket. Ahhh, the good ol’ days!

It’s important to note that the technological advances over the past years have provided us with incredible benefits. Many of which I am personally grateful for! I’m not suggesting that you rid yourself of computers, tablets and smart phones completely. In this day and age these devices are necessary for most people for their personal and professional lives. But like all things in life…. moderation is key.

Burnout happens when someone gets out of balance, and stays out of balance for too long. So check in with your body to find out if it’s in balance. Are you giving all the important areas in your life the attention they need? If not try one (or all) of the suggestions below to rebalance your body and mind, and beat burnout!

  1. Try taking 5 minutes every hour or other hour to go offline. No calls, no emails, no texts…. NOTHING! If you can, shut your mind off too while you’re at it. We promise, the amount of energy in return will be well worth it!
  2. Take an hour a day to pay attention to your body. Attend a yoga class, go for a walk, swim, whatever. Just do it! Adding this into your daily routine will give you a boost that just might surprise you.
  3. Take one night off a week or every other week. Make a date with a friend, partner, spouse or yourself. Not only does your brain need a bit of fun, but taking off sometimes helps us put our “on-time” in perspective.

Give it a try and let us know how it works for you!