Birth Control

Women have been using birth control for thousands of years. There are various safe and effective birth control methods available today and each woman should take the time to find the method that suites her needs best. Spend the time to research each method and ask your doctor any questions (even if they feel “stupid” to you) in order to decide which method is right for you.

We are your birth control experts and can help you with your family planning needs. The following is a list of birth control options you may want to consider:

Non - Hormonal:

  • Natural Family Planning Method
  • Condoms (female or male)
  • Spermicides
  • Cervical cap and Diaphragm
  • Lactational Amernorrhea Method (LAM)
  • Copper-T IUD
  • Abstinence


  • Oral Contraceptives
  • Vaginal Ring: Nuvaring
  • Nexplanon
  • Mirena and Skyla Intrauterine systems
  • The “mini” pill (progesterone only)
  • Depo-Provera


  • Vasectomy
  • Bilateral Tubal Ligation (BTL) or “tubes tied”