How to Celebrate Mother’s Day During COVID-19

We all know that moms are amazing and deserve to be celebrated every single day, all the more on Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is a special day that gives every child, no matter what age, an opportunity to appreciate their moms in a very special way. Serving breakfast in bed, making dessert together, weekend getaways, and many more lovely ideas are some usual fun mother-children moments of this special day since it was instituted in 1908.

However, with COVID-19 changing almost every aspect of life, can this year’s Mother’s Day be as special as it used to be? Of course, the pandemic still limits our options, but that shouldn’t stop us from making our moms, wives, grandmas, aunts, and sisters feel appreciated on their day. The following are some fun, creative ideas to celebrate moms on Mother’s Day this year in spite of the coronavirus.

#1 – Breakfast in Bed

This is an age-old Mother’s Day tradition that almost never fails. For many moms, waking up to her favorite breakfast prepared by her loved ones is the perfect way to kick-start the day. There are lots of great breakfast in bed ideas to pick from, so choose the one you know she’d most appreciate.

Watch Mom’s Favorite Movie Together

The good news is that you can do this together whether you are physically together as a family or even you are far apart from one another. If there is a movie you know she’d love to see, get it ready ahead of time. This can even come as a pleasant surprise. Prepare a family-size bucket of popcorn and get everybody in the house to come together for a movie dedicated to that special mom.

If you are far apart, Netflix Party has you covered. Just choose the movie you want on Netflix, click on the red “NP” icon, then click on “Start Party” to open a virtual room to watch. Then share the party URL with mom and every other family member you want to join the fun from wherever they are. Netflix Party allows playback, pause, and even a chat option for everyone watching.

Flower Delivery

If you can’t be with your mom in person because of distance, sending her flowers is one of the best ways to show her your love during this trying time. Though many businesses have closed, many flower delivery services are still available so you can order mom’s favorite bouquet and have it delivered to her.

A Gift Card from Kids to Grandma

Of course, we can’t forget grandma! Receiving a gift card made by grandchildren will be a perfect way of showing that you and your family care for her. With a parent’s supervision, you’d be amazed at the creativity your kids would come up with using their crayons, dry pasta, paint, and glitter. Because the gift is for grandma, they will go the extra mile to make it look awesome.

For Moms or Grandmas in the Hospital or a Long-Term Care Facility

In some cases, you can visit mom or grandma at hospitals and long-term care facilities on Mother’s Day. To curb the spread of COVID-19, these locations are discouraging people from visiting their loved ones, given that the sick and older populations are more vulnerable to the virus. However, there can still be a provision for visitation in some facilities.

However, you need to be aware of the precautionary policies attached to visiting during this time. This may vary depending on the person’s condition and the location the visitor is coming from. For example, visiting a mom or grandma in a place with a large number of COVID-19 cases or if you’ve just returned from an international trip, you may not be allowed in those facilities.