Top 5 Positive Health Resolutions To Make In 2021

It’s safe to say that 2020 was at the very least, a difficult year for millions all around the world, that many are excited to see come to an end. The COVID-19 pandemic and the chaos that accompanied it uprooted society and impacted our current lifestyles. In looking back on the events of 2020 and making resolutions in anticipation and excitement of the new year, here are some ideas for making positive health changes that can greatly benefit your overall wellbeing in 2021. 

1. Find New Ways To Stay Active

This year, Americans’ lives became even more sedentary due to quarantining, working from home, and attending virtual class. As a result of their lack of mobility or the extra weight gained, many feel compelled to make a change for the better. However, with COVID-19 regulations still in place, finding creative ways to get some exercise or movement will be essential for staying active. For some, this could mean walking and taking the stairs instead of using more convenient travel, doing some at home indoor workouts before starting the day, or even taking a break to get up from the desk and stretch. Whatever your goal, getting regular, active movement will make you feel better and healthier in your daily life. 

2. Fix Your Posture

Taking time away from sitting at your desk is one thing, but it’s also important to take care of yourself while you are sitting and working. With many now working from home, we can easily picture people sitting at a computer with their back hunched over as they type, which can have lasting negative effects. In the United States, most back problems come from sitting in poorly designed chairs, and from the bad posture that accompanies them. Whether you are able to invest in better furniture or not, forcing your body to maintain correct posture will ease the pressure on your back and neck and make it easier to work at a desk for hours. If necessary, you can even look into wearable devices to enforce a more stable position while you are working. 

3. Cut Addictive Substances

Make 2021 the year of taking your health into your own hands. Addition can be crippling and something that many turn to easily in times of stress of the past year. Whether it is more serious substances like cigarettes or alcohol, or even sugar and caffeine, take this time to get your cravings under control and give your body the healthy break it needs. Though it can be challenging, your body will feel healthier and stronger. 

4. Boost Your Immune System

2020 has shown us the power of pandemics and the importance of being prepared for them. As COVID-19 continues its course, make the effort to boost your immune system no matter the situation through eating a balanced, nutritious diet and taking essential vitamins. Cutting harmful activities such as smoking will also have a positive impact on building up your immune system. Stocking up on some vitamin-C supplements as we move indoors in the winter months isn’t a bad idea either. 

5. Prioritize Your Mental Health

This year brought on a tremendous amount of stress for many people. While so many things are outside of our control, take time to prioritize your mental health by getting enough rest every night, taking time away from social media and the news, and learning to respond kindly to your body and mind’s signals under stress. 

While we can only imagine what the next year will be like, make it one of treating your body well so that you can feel your best and take on all of the excitement and challenges that are to come.