Why Women Benefit from CBD Oil

Why women benefit from CBD oil

You’ve probably seen CBD oil pop up everywhere. Obviously, the therapeutic qualities of CBD oil have paved the path to popularity for this distinct and powerful substance. This oil has a huge role in treating many of the health issues women face on a daily basis: mainly depression and anxiety, sleep problems, sexual issues, hormone imbalance, PMS, chronic pain, and fertility concerns.

How it works

The body has an internal system known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Its job is to create balance within the body, or homeostasis. There are receptors for the ECS throughout the body. The endocannabinoids maintain the functions of these systems where they are present. In other words, whenever something goes wrong in the body, it can be considered like an endocannabinoid system dysfunction. Thus the body needs cannabinoids to bind to those faulty receptors to bring them back into working order.

CBD oil does the job of restoring the ECS, giving the user all the advantages without any complicated side effects. It is made by extracting cannabidiol (CBD) from the cannabis plant. Afterward, it’s diluted with a carrier oil, usually coconut or hemp seed oil. Though a derivative of cannabis, CBD oil differs from marijuana because it lacks intoxicating levels of THC. Therefore, it does not give a positive in a drug test.  

Top 5 ways CBD oil works for women

  1. PMS: It has been shown to reduce pain from menstrual cramps, moderate moodiness, improve digestive function, regulate bloating and alleviate any tenderness in the breasts.
  2. Menopause: Top complaints during menopause include sleeplessness, hot flashes, joint aches, and mood swings. Say goodbye to those all with CBD oil. Studies have found that it can reduce inflammation in the body and help kick all those pesky symptoms.
  3. Anxiety and depression: CBD oil supports an even mood. It activates the serotonin inhibitors in the body and stabilizes cortisol levels. It can provide feel-good energy that allows you and your brain to be more resilient against stresses and triggers. 
  4. Weight loss and digestion: Research says that CBD oil helps lower insulin and prevents high cholesterol. Not only that, studies found that this supplement can help with digestive issues, like IBS. It helps moderate bowel movements and cuts back on bloating and constipation.
  5. Sleep problems: Trouble sleeping stems from a range of problems, and CBD can help with most of them. Its relaxing properties comfort the mind and allow the restless to ease into sleep.

In short, when it comes to hormone wellness and integrative medicine for women, CBD oil is a surefire assistant. It helps women feel good mentally, emotionally and physically by tweaking the endocannabinoids associated with hormonal health. Significantly, it cuts inflammation and soothes pain. Speak to your practitioner about whether this remedy could help you, and find out about dosages and usage. 

Quality is exceptionally important when it comes to CBD oil. There’s a lot on the market so if you want to purchase and begin using this potent supplement, you need to know what you’re buying. Speak to us about it and learn about CYTO CBD, the only medical grade CBD oil with clinical teams verifying its safety and quality down to the cellular level.