Concierge Pregnancy at MCOE

Welcome to Concierge Obstetrics at Miami Center of Excellence for OB/GYN

We are excited to share with you exciting new changes to our obstetrical practice! First, we are proud to announce the addition to the practice of Dr. Isalis Sanchez-Pena, OB/GYN and Medical Geneticist. Dr. Sanchez-Pena and Stephanie Fink, CNM, nurse midwife, will be taking call for the office. This new change will enable you to get to know your delivery provider better. And Liana Baixauli and Marilyn Penuela-Ladaga, our exceptional nurse practitioners, will be providing OB office care as usual.

Our concierge services will provide you the following:

  • Personalized patient care and delivery at Baptist Hospital.
  • We are doula-friendly and Midwife care is available.
  • We also offer: VBAC Delivery (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)
  • For scheduled C-sections, either Stephanie or Liana will attend the delivery and assist with skin- to-skin and breast-feeding in the operating room, taking family photos, and assisting the family with seeing the baby. The hospital nurses don’t have much time for this. We will be your surgical concierge during that time. This is a service provided at no charge to you, and something only available in our practice. Unplanned C-sections may have this service in some instances.
  • C-section patients have the option of getting a clear surgical drape so they can view the delivery.
  • If you require referral to specialist outside of our office, our nurse coordinator will handle every aspect of securing this appointment for you, so you will know we are with you at every step. We are blessed that obstetricians from other practices around Miami refer patients to Dr. Sanchez-Pena as a Medical Geneticist. If these issues should arise in your pregnancy, take comfort in knowing that she is your doctor.
  • Alondra is your personal OB coordinator, who you may contact about your insurance and OB coverage concerns. Insurance can be confusing and stressful! Alondra will make it easy, and help you understand your benefits. She can be reached at: 305-274-3130 ext. 1028, or via email at: [email protected]
  • In-office laboratory with blood draws on site.
  • Friendly staff with upbeat soothing décor.
  • 3D/4D Ultrasound packages, with nationally certified technicians. Includes printed pictures plus USB images, and a stuffed teddy bear with your baby’s heartbeat. Priceless package $159.
  • Monthly prenatal classes taught by a labor & delivery RN from Baptist. Includes lunch and all materials. $135/couple.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Randy A. Fink, MD; Isalis Sanchez-Pena, MD; Stephanie Fink, MSN, NP, CNM; Marilyn Penuela-Ladaga, MSN, NP; and Liana Baixauli, MSN, NP

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Please note: Emergencies related to pregnancy and gynecology should call our emergency line, proceed to the nearest emergency room, or call 911.